About RoboCup

RoboCup is a tournament holder for the game Points.
The idea of RoboCup is that it should be very easy for a player to take a part in the tournament.

How to play

To take a part in the tournament you should:
  • Find out when the registration opens.
  • Register (see main menu of this site).
  • Be on zagram exactly at start of each new round. Games will be started by the server automatically.

Common rules of this server

  • Games are played on zagram. Tournament grid is displayed here.
  • Tournament timezone is UTC+3. (It's now 19:29).
  • By registering or taking part in the tournament you agree to the tournament rules. Tournament is offered to the participants "as is".
  • In case of questions you should write to the inner tournament chat or to our forum.
  • Tournament organizers are Oleg Anokhin, Vanya Geyko and Vasya Novikov. Visualization, grid forming and game assignment are done by the server.
  • If you can translate the text on the site to some other language, please, contact us at (remove the duplicated "aaa").

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